Tim was on the staff of the Daily Telegraph from 1990 to 2009, serving in a number of roles including chief war correspondent, Africa bureau chief, defence correspondent, leader writer and Middle East correspondent. He specialised in covering awkward places at awkward times, working mostly in war zones across the Balkans, Middle East and Africa.

During the Allied invasion of Iraq in 2003 Tim led the Telegraph’s award-winning reporting team. Embedded with the brigade headquarters of the Royal Marines, he was among the first western journalists into Basra, from where his coverage was shared widely across a range of British national newspapers.

His reporting of the 2006 war in Lebanon between Israel and Hizbollah saw him shortlisted for the prestigious Foreign Press Association reporter of the year award. His work has appeared in a number of international titles including The Economist, Spectator, Tatler and International Herald Tribune and he is a regular contributor to the BBC’s prestigious current affairs programme, From Our Own Correspondent.

Based in Cape Town at the foot of Africa, he is regularly asked to contribute pieces across subjects that range from Africa to wider global issues, from contemporary topics to matters of history.